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Information Technology and Behavioural Healthcare in the 21st Century

Jeb Brown (Center for Clinical Informatics, USA)
Ashley Simon (Center for Clinical Informatics, USA)
Justin Turner (Center for Clinical Informatics, USA)

Evidence Based Counselling & Psychotherapy for the 21st Century Practitioner

ISBN: 978-1-80455-733-4, eISBN: 978-1-80455-732-7

Publication date: 9 February 2023


The use of data in the twenty-first century to improve expert decision-making has radically transformed what it means to be an expert in multiple fields, including behavioural healthcare. This chapter summarises the impact on information technology on the field, including use of digital platforms to enable video therapy and online cognitive behavioural therapy programmes. The chapter is intended for practitioners seeking information on how to be a twenty-first century expert, where years of education and experience matter less compared to evidence of performance in the form of solid outcome data. Key to the use of outcome data is expertise in how to use questionnaires in therapy and how to interpret results, both at the individual client level as well as overall results across multiple clients. A twenty-first century expert measures are not simply to measure outcomes but to improve results over time. Failure to incorporate the use of data into routine practice ignores an evidence based practice with decades of evidence as to its effectiveness, potentially resulting in suboptimal care.



Brown, J., Simon, A. and Turner, J. (2023), "Information Technology and Behavioural Healthcare in the 21st Century", Evidence Based Counselling & Psychotherapy for the 21st Century Practitioner, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 117-133.



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