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Synergy between ISA and manual auditing practises at Jain Chowdhary & Company, India

Meghna Rishi (Institute for International Management and Technology, Gurgaon India)
Anjana Singh (Institute for International Management and Technology, Gurgaon India)

Publication date: 1 July 2011


Subject area

Finance, accountancy, auditing.

Study level/applicability

Supports information systems audit (ISA), auditing practises and controls, corporate governance and internal controls and financial management modules, business administration and MBA programmes.

Case overview

The case study focuses on the implementation of ISA and information technology in the highly responsible task of executing financial audits The case emphasises on the fact that the advantages of ISA can only be reaped when they are amalgamated with an auditor's scrutiny, sharp eye, extensive knowledge of auditing systems and accounting principles and a rich experience of the auditing function. The suggested synergy also facilitates a reduction of around 60 per cent, in the cost of executing the audits and the man-hours required to complete the audit, as in the case of Jain Chowdhary & Company.

Expected learning outcomes

The case helps students to comprehend the relevance of audit trail. It emphasises on the importance of identifying the source of information and tracking raw data backward. It familiarises the students with the complexities involved in a real audit and emphasises on the role of logic, intelligence, diligence, patience and farsightedness while performing the auditing function. It is important for them to understand how White collar crimes take place in real business economy. This case, hence exposes students to these nuances and can make a student, from a non-commerce background, understand the key elements of efficient auditing. (Elaborate teaching objectives are appended in the teaching note.)

Supplementary materials

Teaching note.



The authors are extremely thankful to S.C. Jain and Siddharth Jain for indulging in consecutive long discussions and offering key details of their operational activities for the purpose of this academic writing.


Rishi, M. and Singh, A. (2011), "Synergy between ISA and manual auditing practises at Jain Chowdhary & Company, India", , Vol. 1 No. 3.



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