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Cosmic system dynamics: a cyberneticist's perspective on gravitation

Grahame Blackwell (Transfinite Mind Ltd, Newton Abbot, UK)


ISSN: 0368-492X

Article publication date: 18 October 2011




This paper seeks to present a novel perspective on the interplay of forces that govern the dynamics of the massively complex multi‐body system that is our physical universe. It offers a consistent, coherent and complete rationale for the phenomenon referred to as “gravitation”. This includes notably, for the first time, an explanation for the mechanism by which “matter tells space how to curve and curved space tells matter how to move”, and also possible causal explanations for the various outcomes of Einstein's equivalence principle.


Starting from the well‐supported premise that elementary particles are formed from closed‐loop electromagnetic energy flows, the likely impact of such constructs on the behaviour of large‐scale dynamic systems is analysed from first principles.


Gravitation is shown to be a natural consequence of such a construct. The warping of space in the presence of gravitating mass, consistent with the view presented by general relativity, is shown to relate to a clearly comprehensible physical structure with a well‐defined causation. Possible explanations are offered for: gravitational time dilation; gravitational red shift; gravitational potential energy; and slowing and bending of light in a gravitational field.

Research limitations/implications

This novel perspective opens a wide range of potential avenues of innovative research, both pure and applied.

Practical implications

A variety of new technologies may prove to be open to development, notably in the aerospace field. Antigravity technologies, whilst amenable to investigation and possible development, may prove highly energy‐intensive.


This paper is totally original and of very significant potential value in various respects.



Blackwell, G. (2011), "Cosmic system dynamics: a cyberneticist's perspective on gravitation", Kybernetes, Vol. 40 No. 9/10, pp. 1319-1330.



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