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6 February 2023
The coup attempt was to start with Do Val making a secret recording of a conversation with Federal Supreme Court (STF) Justice and Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) President…

6 February 2023
Higher prices are hitting Western Europe harder than the United States or China, as the greater exposure to the Russia energy shock has been worsened by labour market and…

6 February 2023

ECUADOR: Vote results look disappointing for Lasso

6 February 2023
The vote marked a defeat for the left-nationalist opposition parties, which wanted an earlier date in order to oust the government by mid-year. Although the fractious…

6 February 2023

JORDAN: Foot and mouth will boost food prices

6 February 2023
The government projects a narrower fiscal deficit. The budget will be the last for a full fiscal year before the 2024 general election, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s…

6 February 2023

INDONESIA: 2023 growth target will be challenging

6 February 2023
Russia is encouraging a rapprochement between Turkey and Syria that does not explicitly include Iran, a key economic and military backer of the Damascus government. Tehran…

6 February 2023

AFRICA: Macron trip may fuel more anti-French feeling

6 February 2023
These limit weekly cash withdrawals from banks to NGN500,000 (USD1,072) for individuals and to NGN5mn for businesses. One aim of the new policy is to drive an increase in…

6 February 2023

SOMALIA: Politics may complicate Las Anod crisis

6 February 2023

SYRIA: Sanctions could delay humanitarian response

6 February 2023

SAUDI ARABIA: Mining sector will grow

6 February 2023

UKRAINE: Defence minister's removal is poorly timed

6 February 2023

US/CHINA: Blinken trip off after baloon incident

6 February 2023
This was about 40% of the number in November, when Meta became the first ‘big tech’ firm to trim the over-hiring of the pandemic period and reassure investors that it was…

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