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Publication date: 31 July 2023

Hanan Naser, Fatima Al-aali, Yomna Abdulla and Rabab Ebrahim

Over the last decade, investments in green energy companies have witnessed noticeable growth rates. However, the glacial pace of the world economic restoration due to COVID-19…



Over the last decade, investments in green energy companies have witnessed noticeable growth rates. However, the glacial pace of the world economic restoration due to COVID-19 pandemic placed a high degree of uncertainty over this market. Therefore, this study investigates the short- and long-term relationships between COVID-19 new cases and WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX) using daily data over the period from January 23, 2020 to February 1, 2023.


The authors utilize an autoregressive distributed lag bounds testing estimation technique.


The results show a significant positive impact of COVID-19 new cases on the returns of NEX index in the short run, whereas it has a significant negative impact in the long run. It is also found that the S&P Global Clean Energy Index has a significant positive impact on the returns of NEX index. Although oil has an influential effect on stock returns, the results show insignificant impact.

Practical implications

Governments have the chance to flip this trend by including investment in green energy in their economic growth stimulation policies. Governments should highlight the fundamental advantages of investing in this type of energy such as creating job vacancies while reducing emissions and promoting innovation.


First, as far as the authors are aware, the authors are the first to examine the effect of oil prices on clean energy stocks during COVID-19. Second, the authors contribute to studies on the relationship between oil prices and renewable energy. Third, the authors add to the emerging strand of literature on the impact of COVID-19 on various sectors of the economy. Fourth, the findings of the paper can add to the growing literature on sustainable development goals, in specific the papers related to energy sustainability.


Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, vol. ahead-of-print no. ahead-of-print
Type: Research Article
ISSN: 1985-9899


Publication date: 6 November 2023

Ramzi Al Rousan, Nermin Khasawneh and Sujood

The Arab world has witnessed a remarkable surge in the growth of its tourism and hospitality (T&H) industry, positioning it as a vital cornerstone for sustainable development…



The Arab world has witnessed a remarkable surge in the growth of its tourism and hospitality (T&H) industry, positioning it as a vital cornerstone for sustainable development. However, an exclusive bibliometric analysis of T&H research contributed by the Arab world has not yet been conducted in the past 30 years, that is, 1993–2022. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to provide a first-of-its-kind bibliometric assessment and visualization of T&H research produced by the Arab world spanning from 1993 to 2022.


A comprehensive collection of 1,327 scientific publications related to T&H research contributed by the Arab world was acquired from the Web of Science Core Collection database. To perform a large-scale bibliometric analysis, encompassing performance analysis, science mapping and network analysis, this study used state-of-the-art analytical tools, namely, Bibliometrix package of R Studio and VOSviewer.


The findings of this study show that the Arab world’s research on T&H has significantly surged since COVID-19, contributing nearly half (50.56%) of the total literature in the T&H domain between 2020 and 2022. Elshaer IA (Suez Canal University, Egypt) emerged as the most productive author, while Nusair K (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman) was identified as the most impactful author in the T&H domain in the Arab world. The most productive journal was found to be Sustainability (MDPI), while Tourism Management (Elsevier) was identified as the most impactful journal in the field of T&H. Furthermore, the thematic analysis highlights that research themes in T&H are not static but rather constantly evolving in response to dynamic changes in the industry, such as emerging trends, shifts in tourist preferences and the impact of global events like the COVID-19 pandemic.


To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is the first bibliometric analysis of T&H research contributed by the Arab world, specifically covering the period from 1993 to 2022. This study's findings can inform the development of strategies and policies for the sustainable and competitive growth of the T&H industry in the Arab world. This study highlights the importance of continued research and collaboration among industry professionals, academics and policymakers to promote innovation and drive positive change in the T&H sector in the Arab world.


阿拉伯世界已经目睹了其旅游和酒店(T&H)行业增长的显著激增, 将其定位为可持续发展的重要基石。然而, 在过去30年中, 即1993年至2022年, 尚未进行关于阿拉伯世界贡献的T&H研究的专属文献计量分析。因此, 这项研究代表了提供阿拉伯世界自1993年至2022年间T&H研究的首创性文献计量评估和可视化的先驱努力。


从Web of Science核心合集数据库收集了1327篇与阿拉伯世界贡献的T&H研究相关的科研论文。为进行大规模的计量分析, 包括性能分析、科学映射和网络分析, 我们采用了先进的分析工具, 即R Studio的Bibliometrix软件包和VOSviewer。


研究结果显示, 自COVID-19以来, 阿拉伯世界对T&H的研究显著增加, 占2020年至2022年期间发表文献总数的近一半(50.56%)。关键词分析揭示了阿拉伯世界T&H领域的当前研究热点, 包括“旅游”、 “影响”、“满意度”、“管理”、“酒店业”、“绩效”、“决定因素”、“感知”、“忠诚度”、“质量”和“顾客满意度”。然而, 阿拉伯世界的T&H学者和从业者需要进一步研究一些研究空白, 包括“器官移植旅游”、“伦理领导”、“消费者感知”、“生态足迹”、“员工参与”、“爱彼迎”、“目的地营销”、“顾客不文明行为”、“可持续旅游发展”和“环境可持续性”等主题。主题分析突显了T&H领域的研究主题不断随行业动态变化而不断演化, 如新兴趋势、游客偏好变化以及全球事件如COVID-19大流行的影响。


据我们所知, 这是首次对阿拉伯世界贡献的T&H研究进行的计量分析, 特别涵盖了1993年至2022年的时期。研究结果可为阿拉伯世界T&H行业可持续和竞争性增长的战略和政策提供信息。这项研究强调了继续研究和行业专业人员、学者和政策制定者之间的合作的重要性, 以促进创新并推动阿拉伯世界T&H行业的积极变革。


El mundo árabe ha presenciado un notable aumento en el crecimiento de su industria de turismo y hostelería (T&H), posicionándola como una piedra angular vital para el desarrollo sostenible. Sin embargo, aún no se ha realizado un análisis bibliométrico exclusivo de la investigación en T&H realizada por el mundo árabe en los últimos 30 años, es decir, de 1993 a 2022. Por lo tanto, este estudio se erige como el esfuerzo pionero en proporcionar una evaluación bibliométrica y visualización sin precedentes de la investigación en T&H producida por el mundo árabe desde 1993 hasta 2022.


Se recogieron 1327 publicaciones científicas relativas a la investigación en T&H elaboradas por el mundo árabe, a partir de la base de datos Web of Science Core Collection. Para llevar a cabo un análisis bibliométrico a gran escala que abarcara el análisis de rendimiento, el mapeo científico y el análisis de redes, se emplearon herramientas analíticas de última generación, como el paquete Bibliometrix de R Studio y VOSviewer.


Los resultados muestran que la investigación del mundo árabe en T&H ha aumentado significativamente desde la COVID-19, representando casi la mitad (50.56%) de la literatura total publicada entre 2020 y 2022. El análisis de palabras clave reveló que “turismo,” “impacto,” “satisfacción,” “gestion,” “hospitalidad,” “rendimiento,” “determinantes,” “percepción,” “lealtad,” “calidad” y “satisfacción del cliente” son los temas de investigación actuales más destacados en T&H en el mundo árabe. Sin embargo, existen varias lagunas de investigación que requieren una investigación adicional por parte de académicos y profesionales de T&H en el mundo árabe, incluyendo temas como “turismo de trasplante,” “liderazgo ético,” “percepción del consumidor,” “huella ecológica,” “compromiso de los empleados,” “Airbnb,” “marketing de destinos,” “incivilidad del cliente,” “desarrollo de turismo sostenible,” y “sostenibilidad ambiental.” El análisis temático destaca que los temas de investigación en T&H evolucionan constantemente en respuesta a cambios dinámicos en la industria, como tendencias emergentes, cambios en las preferencias de los turistas y el impacto de eventos globales como la pandemia de COVID-19.


Hasta dónde llega nuestro conocimiento, este es el primer estudio bibliométrico de la investigación en T&H realizada por el mundo árabe, cubriendo específicamente el período de 1993 a 2022. Los hallazgos del estudio pueden desplegar el desarrollo de estrategias y políticas para el crecimiento sostenible y competitivo de la industria de T&H en el mundo árabe. Este estudio resalta la importancia de la investigación continua y la colaboración entre profesionales de la industria, académicos y responsables políticos para promover la innovación y generar un cambio positivo en el sector de T&H en el mundo árabe.

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