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Publication date: 20 December 2007

Kazuya Odagiri, Rihito Yaegashi, Masaharu Tadauchi and Naohiro Ishii

The purpose of this paper is to propose and examine the new user support in university network.



The purpose of this paper is to propose and examine the new user support in university network.


The new user support is realized by use of DACS (Destination Addressing Control System) Scheme which manages a whole network system through communication control on a client computer. This DACS Scheme has been studied conventionally by authors.


The new user support is more simplified than the normal user support in the network based on TCP/IP.

Research limitations/implications

As a future research, the authors will implement the system for realizing DACS Scheme and apply that system to practical network. Then, the new user support proposed in this paper will be realized in practical network.

Practical implications

The functions needed for the new user support are confirmed. Some functions was confirmed in the past research. The other function is confirmed in the section of experimental results.


In the network introducing DACS Scheme, the setting of the client does not need to be changed at the time of changing a network system. In addition, annoying communication becomes very simplified. The first point is that the client computer which transmits annoying communication is specified simply. The second point is shown as follows. Because the influence to others is prevented by blocking a communication port of the client computer, time margin for the cause specification of annoying communication and the coping with it is generated effectively.


Interactive Technology and Smart Education, vol. 4 no. 3
Type: Research Article
ISSN: 1741-5659


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