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This paper aims to characterize the sexual maturation of M. flexuosa plantations in Tulumayo.


The methodology in this paper was selection of three plots in open field and usage of different densities of planting, after the maturation of the first plants, we began the quarterly evaluation. There was total 28 evaluations in seven years of age.


As a result, it was determined that at 12 years, the plots with lower density presented a greater number of mature individuals, with a predominance of female palms that produced an average of four bunches of fruit per year, and males five inflorescences. In addition, 15% of adult female plants went dormant, whereas males accounted for 3.4%. Reproductive cycles began in September and culminated in October of the following year, which were synchronized with rainfall.


Planting density was a determining factor in the early maturity of M. flexuosa and sustainable plantation management.


World Journal of Engineering, vol. ahead-of-print no. ahead-of-print
Type: Research Article
ISSN: 1708-5284


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