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Philosophy of science and research paradigm for business research in the transformative age of automation, digitalization, hyperconnectivity, obligations, globalization and sustainability

Weng Marc Lim

This article aims to explain the role of philosophical anchors and research paradigms in business research, and how they can be extrapolated in the transformative era of…


The use of technology in facing the COVID-19 negative consequences and the associated opportunity for digital entrepreneurship in KSA

Sami Alanzi, Vanessa Ratten

This article introduces the key findings from investigating technology's role in mitigating the business slowdown enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated increased…


Filling the SME credit gap: a systematic review of blockchain-based SME finance literature

Deepak Kumar, B.V. Phani, Naveen Chilamkurti, Suman Saurabh, Vanessa Ratten

The review examines the existing literature on blockchain-based small and medium enterprise (SME) finance and highlights its trend, themes, opportunities and challenges. Based on…


Platform financing and CSR performance in an E-commerce marketplace

Dinh Anh Phan, Thi Le Hoa Vo

This paper investigates whether and how the financial services offered by an e-commerce platform can help budget-constrained small- and medium-sized suppliers improve their…

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