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A constitutive model for cyclic densification of coarse-grained soil filler for the high-speed railway subgrade considering particle breakage

Yangsheng Ye, Degou Cai, Lin Geng, Hongye Yan, Junkai Yao, Feng Chen

This study aims to propose a semiempirical and semitheoretical cyclic compaction constitutive model of coarse-grained soil filler for the high-speed railway (HSR) subgrade…

Research on rail wear of small radius curve in EMU depot

Hao Li, Jialin Sun, Guotang Zhao

With the help of multi-body dynamics software UM, the paper uses Kik–Piotrowski model to simulate wheel-rail contact and Archard wear model for rail wear.

Seismic response of the long-span steel truss arch bridge with the thrust under multidimensional excitation

Yongliang Zhang, Jibei Ma, Xingchong Chen, Yun Wang

Under different ground motion excitation modes, the spatial coupling effect of seismic response for the arch bridge with thrust, seismic weak parts and the internal force…

Distribution characteristics and the evolution law of excavation damage zone in the large-span transition section of high-speed railway tunnel based on microseismic monitoring

Ao Li, Dingli Zhang, Zhenyu Sun, Jun Huang, Fei Dong

The microseismic monitoring technique has great advantages on identifying the location, extent and the mechanism of damage process occurring in rock mass. This study aims…

Experimental study of the wheel/rail impact caused by wheel flat within 400 km/h using full-scale roller rig

Chongyi Chang, Yuanwu Cai, Bo Chen, Qiuze Li, Pengfei Lin

In service, the periodic clashes of wheel flat against the rail result in large wheel/rail impact force and high-frequency vibration, leading to severe damage on the…

An improved fatigue life prediction model based on loading sequence

Qiwen Xue, Xiuyun Du

In view of the difficulty in determining the key parameters d in the Corten-Dolan model, based on the introduction of small loads, damage degrees and stress states to the…

Detection of butt weld of laser-MIG hybrid welding of thin-walled profile for high-speed train

Qingxiang Zhou, Fang Liu, Jingming Li, Jiankui Li, Shuangnan Zhang, Guixi Cai

This study aims to solve the problem of weld quality inspection, for the aluminum alloy profile welding structure of high-speed train body has complex internal shape and…

Scheme of long distance power supply for electrified railway traction network based on traction cable

Hui Wang, Qunzhan Li, Wei Liu, Chuang Wang, Tongtong Liu

The traction cable is paralleled with the existing traction network of electrified railway through transverse connecting line to form the scheme of long distance power…

China's railway train speed, density and weight in developing

Bo Jiang, Changhai Tian, Jiehang Deng, Zitong Zhu

This study aims to analyze the development direction of train speed, density and weight in China.

Optimization method of urban rail train operational plan based on O-D time-varying demand

Feng Shi, Xian Tu, Shuo Zhao

Under the constraints of given passenger service level and coupling travel demand with train departure time, this study optimizes the train operational plan in an urban…

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