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The development of digital thread: the relations to digital twin and its industrial applications

Yuxin Zhang, Wei Dong, Junyan Wang, Congcong Che, Lefei Li

Through this research study, the authors found that digital thread has made significant progress in the life cycle management of the US Air Force. The authors hope that by…


Impact of Covid19 on the development of digital service capability for value co-creation: a mediating role of service ecosystem self-adjustment

Ansgar Sakaya

This study aims to examine the impact of Covid19 on service ecosystem self-adjustment (SES_SA) and additionally to explore the mediating role of SES_SA on the relationship between…

The policy trajectory of China’s globalizing Internet

Feng Yang, Shan Zhao, Xiaoqian Zhang

China’s globalizing Internet describes a situation where China is using the Internet as a tool or medium to transmit its voice on the world stage and enhance its influence over…


Choice-based games and resilience building of gender nonconforming individuals: a phenomenological study

Yuri Cantrell, Xiaohua Awa Zhu

Narrative-driven, choice-based games, games that allow gamers to make decisions regarding the game characters and storylines, can bring forth emotional changes in their players…

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