Organization Management Journal : Volume 19 Issue 3 , Open Access


Table of contents

A perspective on embracing emerging technologies research for organizational behavior

Jestine Philip

Emerging technologies are capable of enhancing organizational- and individual-level outcomes. The organizational behavior (OB) field is beginning to pursue opportunities…


Sexual identity management of working lesbian women

Kristine Khachatryan, Regine Graml, Tobias Hagen, Yvonne Ziegler, Ricky Astrida Herman

The purpose of this study is to provide a closer look at being out in the work environment. What are the characteristics that distinguish lesbian women who are out at work…


How long are newcomers new in different occupations?

Johnna Capitano, Vipanchi Mishra, Priyatharsini Selvarathinam, Amy Collins, Andrew Crossett

This study aims to examine the effects of occupational characteristics on the length of time required to socialize newcomers. The authors examine task mastery, role…