Organization Management Journal : Volume 19 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

The relationship between transformational leadership and work engagement. Moderated mediation roles of psychological ownership and belief in just world

Fullchis Nurtjahjani, Ridolof Wenand Batilmurik, Ayu Fury Puspita, Jappy Parlindungan Fanggidae

This study aims to investigate the mediating and moderating effects of psychological ownership and belief in just world in the relationship between transformational leadership and…


Enduring exploitative leaders at work: the buffering role of proactive personality on employee job strain

Saleh Bajaba, Abdulah Bajaba, Bryan Fuller

This paper aims to study followers' proactive personality (PP) as a personal resource in moderating the hindering impact of exploitative leadership (EL) on followers' job strain…


What leaders tell and employees hear – an intention-perception model of storytelling in leadership

Johannes Stark, Julia A.M. Reif, Tom Schiebler

Storytelling is considered an effective leadership behavior. However, research on storytelling’s effects on followers is scarce and disconnected from leadership theory. This paper…