Organization Management Journal : Volume 19 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

Organizational resilience process: integrated model of safety culture

Hira Hafeez, Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah, Muhammad Asif Zaheer, Qurratulain Ahsan

The purpose of the study is to create substantial awareness for safety precautions and safety parameters to lessen occupational injuries and accidents. Utilization of…


Hindrance stressors, ego depletion and knowledge sharing

Fei Kang, Ying Zhang, Han Zhang

This study aims to use the ego depletion theory to examine the impact of hindrance stressors on knowledge sharing behaviors by investigating the mediating role of ego…

Social media and recruitment: examining (counter) productive diversity messages

Robyn Brouer, Rebecca Badawy, Michael Stefanone

This study aims to explore the consequences of inconsistent diversity-related signals for job seekers. Information sources include strategically crafted corporate signals…