Organization Management Journal : Volume 18 Issue 3/4 , Open Access


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Examining correlates of organizational citizenship behavior and counterproductive work behavior in a collectivist culture: the case of Arab teachers in Israel

Aaron Cohen, Mohammad Abedallah

This study aims to examine the relationships between personal (emotional intelligence, Dark Triad (DT), core self-evaluation and burnout) and situational variables…


The fish rots from the head down: a test of the trickle-down model of abusive supervision

Hannah Vivian Osei, Felicity Asiedu-Appiah, Perpetual Akosuah Anyimaduah Amoah

A major paradigm shift focusing on the dark side of leadership has generated lots of concern for organizations as leadership has cascading effects on employees’ behaviour…


Discerning citation patterns in dominant BME literature streams: lessons for BME scholars

J. Ben Arbaugh, Alvin Hwang, Jeffrey J. McNally, Charles J. Fornaciari, Lisa A. Burke-Smalley

This paper aims to compare the nature of three different business and management education (BME) research streams (online/blended learning, entrepreneurship education and…