Organization Management Journal : Volume 17 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Bigenderism at work? Organizational responses to trans men and trans women employees

Joel Rudin, Tejinder Billing, Andrea Farro, Yang Yang

This study aims to test bigenderism, a universalistic theory that purports to explain why trans men employees enjoy greater organizational acceptance and superior economic…


Putting choice in the spotlight to advance theory on organizational adaptation to technological discontinuities

William Carter

This paper aims to develop and argue for a new research path to advance theory on incumbent firm adaptation to discontinuous technological change. Integrating variance and…

Developing foresight through the evaluation and construction of vision statements: an experiential exercise

John Fiset, Melanie A. Robinson

Scholars and practitioners generally acknowledge the crucial importance of visions in motivating and inspiring organizational change. In this article, we describe a…