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Show-and-tell or hide-and-seek? Examining organizational cybersecurity incident notifications

W. Alec Cram, Rissaile Mouajou-Kenfack

The growing frequency of cybersecurity incidents commonly requires organizations to notify customers of ongoing events. However, the content contained within these notifications…

A service lens on cybersecurity continuity and management for organizations’ subsistence and growth

Godwin Thomas, Mary-Jane Sule

This paper proposes a holistic, proactive and adaptive approach to cybersecurity from a service lens, given the continuously evolving cyber-attack techniques, threat and…


Application of grounded theory in construction of factors of internal efficiency and external effectiveness of cyber security and developing impact models

Durga Prasad Dube, Rajendra Prasad Mohanty

As evident from the literature review, the research on cyber security performance is centered on security metrics, maturity models, etc. Essentially, all these are helpful for…


Privacy implications of blockchain systems: a data management perspective

Heng Xu, Nan Zhang

Privacy scholars appear to struggle in conceptualizing blockchain from a privacy perspective: is it a privacy-enhancing mechanism like differential privacy, a privacy-intruding…

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