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Ethical leadership and employee information security policy (ISP) violation: exploring dual-mediation paths

Botong Xue, Feng Xu, Xin Luo, Merrill Warkentin

A growing number of studies have investigated the effect of ethical leadership on behavioral outcome of employees. However, considering the important role of ethics in IS…


A cyber situational awareness model to predict the implementation of cyber security controls and precautions by SMEs

Karen Renaud, Jacques Ophoff

There is widespread concern about the fact that small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seem to be particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is perhaps because smaller…


Heads-up! An alert and warning system for phishing emails

Molly Cooper, Yair Levy, Ling Wang, Laurie Dringus

This study introduces the concept of audiovisual alerts and warnings as a way to reduce phishing susceptibility on mobile devices.


Impact of digital nudging on information security behavior: an experimental study on framing and priming in cybersecurity

Kavya Sharma, Xinhui Zhan, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Keng Siau, Maggie X. Cheng

Phishing attacks are the most common cyber threats targeted at users. Digital nudging in the form of framing and priming may reduce user susceptibility to phishing. This research…

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