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Stock market development and capital formation in selected African economies

Olusegun Felix Ayadi, Johnnie Williams

This study aims to explore the possibility that securities markets in selected African countries of Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa play a significant role in capital…


A broader perspective on cryptocurrency trading: consumer-driven value, online communities and heuristics are drivers for consumer behaviour

Paul McGivern

This review aims to provide an overview of research from different academic disciplines to chart some of the key developments in retail cryptocurrency trading against the backdrop…


NPAs in India's banks: trends and determinants

Santosh Kumar Das

This paper aims to analyse trends and determinants of NPAs in India's banks. It has empirically examined the bank-specific determinants of NPAs.


Do monetary policy credibility and disagreements in inflation and interest rate expectations affect business confidence? Evidence from an inflation targeting developing country

Gabriel Caldas Montes, Raime Rolando Rodríguez Díaz

Business confidence is crucial to firm decisions, but it is deeply related to professional forecasters' expectations. Since Brazil is an important inflation targeting country…


Port operation's efficiency and revenue generation in global maritime trade: implications for national growth and development in Nigeria

University Ovuokeroye Edih, Nyanayon Faghawari, Dbright Okiemute Agboro

It has been argued that a mono product economy experiences epileptic growth because it is prone to global dynamics such as epidemic. Therefore, the need to diversify investments…


Deferring cash commitments to mitigate COVID-19 impact on the service sector: a case study of a transition economy

Ömer Tuğsal Doruk

This study aims to use a comparative analysis to examine the channel of deferring cash commitments, which can be seen as a strategic solution to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on…

Does the UK Companies Act of 2006 matter for the private companies? Evidence from real and accruals earnings management practices

Bilal Ahmad Elsalem, Fekri Ali Shawtari, Ahmad Mohammed Qotba, Mohammed Bajaher, Mohammed Asseri

The purpose of this study is to examine both accruals and real earnings management in a large sample of private companies in the UK using data from 2002 to 2009 following the…

Money supply, inflation and economic growth of Sri Lanka: co-integration and causality analysis

Wasanthi Madurapperuma

GDP growth, money growth and inflation are essential to an economy's macroeconomic stability and have a direct impact on the policymaking process. Sri Lanka is currently concerned…


The maturity of sustainable supply chain management practices: an applied study on pharmaceutical firms

Abderrazak Laghouag

The aim of this paper is to contribute to empirical research dealing with the measurement of green and sustainable supply chain management(SSCM) practices. The paper intends to…

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