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Obtaining the best value for money through procurement planning: can procurement regulatory compliance intervene?

Ismail Abdi Changalima, Ismail Juma Ismail, Shadrack Samwel Mwaiseje

While empirical studies establish the importance of procurement planning in achieving value for money (VfM) in procurement, there is scant evidence demonstrating a link between…


Examine the credit channel of the monetary policy transmission mechanism in an emerging market economy: the case of South Africa

Mohammad Farajnezhad

The purpose of this study is to analyze commercial bank-level data to examine a credit channel of the monetary policy transmission mechanism in emerging economies, such as South…


Credit default swaps (CDSs): an effective tool to manage credit risk of Indian banks

Tabassum, Mohammad Yameen

Credit default swaps (CDSs) are among the most widely used credit derivatives since their innovation and designed to hedge the credit risk of reference entities. They were exposed…


The effect of optimal port operations on global maritime transportation: a study of selected ports in Nigeria

University Ovuokeroye Edih, Fidelia Igemohia, Nyanayon Faghawari

The study examined the effect of optimal port operations on global maritime transportation among selected ports in Nigeria.


Financial inclusion and sustainable development: an empirical association

Peterson K. Ozili

This paper aims to investigate the association between financial inclusion and sustainable development in a global context.


A comparative assessment of external debt management and infrastructural developments: perspectives on Nigeria's economy, 1979–2020

Richard C. Osadume, Israel O. Imide

The purpose of this study is to examine whether external debt procurements during the military and civilian regimes had a correlation with infrastructural developments using…


Psychological traits and investment decisions: the mediation mechanism of financial management behavior – evidence from the Tanzanian stock market

Pendo Shukrani Kasoga, Amani Gration Tegambwage

The purpose of the paper is to examine the financial management behavior (FMB) mediation mechanism in self-control, optimism, deliberative thinking and investment decisions in the…

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