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Table Of Contents: Volume 1 Issue 1

Contemporary Islamic philosophy response to reality and thinking outside history

Mohamed Othman Elkhosht

The purpose of this paper is to draw a map of the general features of epistemological and critical concerns in contemporary Islamic philosophy. This study will not be…

Using co-creating mass-customisation and innovation climate for enhanced value

Heba Mohamed Adel, Raghda Abulsaoud Ahmed Younis

This paper aims to study the impact of innovation climate (IC) on co-creating modular mass-customisation (CMMC) in terms of cost effectiveness, volume effectiveness…

Deterring violent non-state actors: dilemmas and implications

Raghda Elbahy

This paper aims to address the limitations of classical deterrence theory in dealing with violent non-state actors (VNSAs).

School educational policy in Egypt: societal assessment perspective

M.A. Zaki Ewiss, Fatma Abdelgawad, Azza Elgendy

Educational policy is crucial to society. Its process is related to political, economic and cultural variables. Nevertheless, there is a paucity of research in the field…



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  • Professor Mohammed Othman Elkhosht