Archnet-IJAR: Volume 13 Issue 3


International Journal of Architectural Research

Table of contents - Special Issue: The City (Re)shaped: Exploring the Nexus Between Politics, Memory and Urbanism in the Built Environment

Guest Editors: Gehan Selim

The abstract space and the alienation of political public space in the Middle East

Farzad Zamani, Asma Mehan

The purpose of this paper is to explain how abstract space of the State – universally and specifically within the context of Middle Eastern cities – aims to homogenise the city…

Urbanism under dictatorship: The emergence of government-imposed spatial segregation in Tehran

Leila Javanmardi

By analyzing urbanism products, development plans and the process of modernization in Iran, the purpose of this paper is to critically trace the effect of dictatorial control on…

Power practices around infrastructures in Glòries, Barcelona

María Cecilia Chiappini, Kris Scheerlinck, Yves Schoonjans

The purpose of this paper is to investigate ways of practicing political power in public space in the interaction between central and marginal users in Glòries, an area under…

Cross-border cooperation and urban change in the Trinational Agglomeration Basel: Potential and limitations

Silvia Fernández Marín

The geographic space of the old Trinational Agglomeration Basel is a complex area where municipalities (and urban systems) belonging to three different countries meet, and part of…

A framework for contextualising the formation and transformation of the medina in North Africa

Huyam Hadi Abudib, Adel Mohammad Remali

The purpose of this paper is to offer a framework to contextualise the formation and transformation of three major medinas in North Africa, namely, Tripoli, Tunis and Fez. The…

Synchrony-city: Sarajevo in five acts and few intervals

Selma Harrington, Branka Dimitrijevic, Ashraf M. Salama

The purpose of this paper is to focus on Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, giving a general overview of its urban context through five historical periods, as part…

Changing socio-spatial systems of urban living in twentieth century Iraq

Ali Aumran Al-Thahab, Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem

Traditional architecture and urban form is a harmonious and interrelated blend of social relations, cultural beliefs and religious principles forming coherent spatial organisation…

In pursuit of self-reliance – perspectives of refugees in Jordan

Muna Shalan

The purpose of this paper is to explore the employment experiences of refugees, who have benefited from job opportunities in Jordan. It investigates the impact of employment on…

Barriers vs potentials: A descriptive study on the integration of female Syrian refugees in Alexandria

Iman El-Sayed Hossam Hegazy, Ossama El-Sayed Hossam Hegazy

In 2017, 50 percent of Syrian refugee applications in Egypt were submitted by females. However, a suitable integration strategy for this target group remains obscure since the…

Re-imaging Rosetta historic core through Space Syntax

Yasmine Sabry Hegazi, Mohanad Fouda

The purpose of this paper is to develop strategies of re-imaging the Rosetta historic district through choosing the suitable uses and their specific locations in compliance with…

Experiments in interfaces

Carol Jane Mancke

Exploring the need for “neutral” public space located between the private act of voting and formal deliberative democracy, the purpose of this paper is to examine two interfaces…

Problematising the peacebuilding strategies through embedded and situated research in Pyla

Cagri Sanliturk

The purpose of this paper is to use Foucault’s genealogical analysis to problematise the influence of political agreements and resolutions on Cypriots’ social life and to examine…

Architecture as an agency of resilience in urban armed conflicts: The case of Nablus City/Palestine

Abdalrahman M.G. Kittana, Bruno De Meulder

Contemporary wars are continuously striking population centres across the globe with devastating consequences of destruction and annihilation, and leading to mass casualties…

Performative interventions to re-claim, re-define and produce public space in different cultural and political contexts

Amro Yaghi, Doina Petrescu, Krzysztof Nawratek

The purpose of this paper is to ask how forms of “performative” interventions can prompt processes of re-thinking, which can, in turn, instigate the critical production of public…

Otherness and closeness: residential tourism and rural gentrification processes

Antonio di Campli

This essay looks at how various forms of residential tourism or lifestyle migration, produced by people arriving from the cities and territories of the so-called Global North…

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