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Table of contents - Special Issue: Fairer Society

Anomie in the UK? Can cultural malaise threaten the fruition of the ideas-informed society?

Chris Brown, Ruth Luzmore, Jana Groß Ophoff

Background: The ideas-informed society represents a desired situation in which: (1) citizens see value in staying up to date, and; (2) citizens regularly keep themselves up to…

Exploring effective approaches for stimulating ideas-engagement amongst adults in England: results from a randomised control trial

Chris Brown, Jana Gross Ophoff

Background: Ideas always have and always will change the world; with ideas-engagement enabling individuals to become more knowledgeable, better able to make good decisions and…

Facilitating the ideas-informed society: a systematic review

Chris Brown, Ruth Luzmore, Jana Groß Ophoff

Background: The concept of the ideas-informed society represents a desired situation in which: (1) citizens see value in staying up to date, and (2) citizens regularly keep…

Exploring contemporary patterns of cultural consumption: offline and online film watching in the UK

Matthew Hanchard, Peter Merrington, Bridgette Wessels, Simeon Yates

This paper focuses on patterns of film consumption within cultural consumption more broadly to assess trends in consumerism such as eclectic consumption, individualised…

A critical review of initial 3D printed products responding to COVID-19 health and supply chain challenges

James I. Novak, Jennifer Loy

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased demand for medical and protective equipment by frontline health workers, as well as the general community, causing the supply chain…

Designing industry 4.0 implementation from the initial background and context of companies

Valérie Rocchi, Daniel Brissaud

Industry 4.0 is a promising concept that allows industries to meet customers’ demands with flexible and resilient processes, and highly personalised products. This concept is made…

Evaluating the impact of AI on insurance: the four emerging AI- and data-driven business models

Alex Zarifis, Christopher P. Holland, Alistair Milne

The increasing capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way organizations operate and interact with users both internally and externally. The insurance sector…


Developing a computational ontology to understand the relational aspects of audience formation

Matthew Hanchard, Peter Merrington, Bridgette Wessels, Kathy Rogers, Michael Pidd, Simeon Yates, David Forrest, Andrew Higson, Nathan Townsend, Roderik Smits

In this article, we discuss an innovative audience research methodology developed for the AHRC-funded “Beyond the Multiplex: Audiences for Specialised Film in English Regions”…

A quantitative analysis of 3D printed face shields and masks during COVID-19

James I. Novak, Jennifer Loy

In response to shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic, makers, community groups and manufacturers around the world utilised 3D printing to…

Achieving the “ideas-informed” society: results from a structural equation model using survey data from England

Chris Brown, Jana Groß Ophoff, Kim Chadwick, Sharon Parkinson

Background: Democratic societies thrive when citizens actively and critically engage with new ideas, developments and claims to truth. Not only can such practices result in more…



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