Journal of Industry - University Collaboration: Volume 1 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

The internationalization process of Chinese research institutions since the reform and opening-up: Theory and practice

Wu Chen, Yanping Li

The purpose of this paper is to systematically review the evolution, characteristics, motivations, entry patterns, organizational structure and effectiveness of the…


End-to-end learning via a convolutional neural network for cancer cell line classification

Darlington A. Akogo, Xavier-Lewis Palmer

Computer vision for automated analysis of cells and tissues usually include extracting features from images before analyzing such features via various machine learning and…

A qualitative research to explore practices that are utilised for managing talent development in the higher education environment: A case study in six Australian universities

Atheer Abdullah Mohammed, Abdul Hafeez-Baig, Raj Gururajan

The purpose of this paper is to investigate generated themes associated with talent development in the Australian higher education sector. This is because there are…


The economic market outcomes and income distribution when capital is not homogeneous: Limits of technology

Ahmet Özçam

An aggregate production function has been used in macroeconomic analysis for a long time, even though it seems that it is conceptually confusing and problematic. The…