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Technical efficiency of health-care systems in selected middle-income countries: an empirical investigation

Heba Nassar, Hala Sakr, Asmaa Ezzat, Pakinam Fikry

This paper aims to evaluate the technical efficiency of the health-care systems in 21 selected middle-income countries during the period (2000–2017) and determine the source of…


The effect of monetary policy on credit risk: evidence from the MENA region countries

Sherif Nabil Mahrous, Nagwa Samak, Mamdouh Abdelmoula M. Abdelsalam

The purpose of this paper is to explore the effect of monetary policy on bank risk in the banking system in some MENA countries. It explores how some economic and credit…


Malta and the 2019 EP elections – maximising popular engagement with “Europe”

Jean Claude Cachia, Fabrizio Ellul, Mark Harwood, Carmen Sammut

The purpose of this paper is to analyse why Malta continues to show the highest level of turnout for European Parliament (EP) elections in a country where voting is not…


American security strategy towards terrorism after September 11 attacks

Wael Zakaria Farag

The purpose of this paper is to examine evolution of the American strategy toward terrorism in the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001. In other words, this study…


Review of Powell, Emilia (2020): Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Resolution of Disputes, Oxford and others, Oxford University Press

Alexander Niedermeier

The purpose of this study is to critically review the book Islamic Law and International Law by Emilila Powell.

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