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Research on forestry labor input measurement and forestry industry development in China

Bei Zhang, Xuemei Jiang

At present, China’s forestry development is mainly driven by the traditional production factors such as forestry labor force, land resources and capital and thus the top priority…

Understanding the nexus between forest dependence and willingness to pay for forest conservation: case of forest dependent households in Kenya

Esther Waruingi, Josiah Ateka, Robert Mbeche, Raoul Herrmann

Forests support human livelihoods and mitigate against climate change, yet they are at a risk of irreversible loss due to high degradation rates. The success of forest…

Analysis on the establishment of natural reserves and the transfer of agricultural labor forces taking Jiangxi Province as an example*

Hao Wang, Hui Wang

The purpose of this study was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the impact and its mechanism on the transfer of agricultural labor forces in the surrounding areas resulting…

Influence of collective forest tenure reform on rural households' forestry management investment: the case from seven provinces in China

Boyao Song, Bingxin Liu, Chao He

The main objectives of collective forest tenure reform in China are to stimulate rural households to invest in forestry management, protect the ecosystem and improve their…

Alternative ecotourism perspectives within the protected conservation sites and farming communities amid environmental degradation and climate change-bound rural exercises

Azwindini Isaac Ramaano

This study aims to examine the latent capability of alternative-responsible tourism and ecotourism management in sustainable tourism and rural communities' livelihoods in Musina…

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