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Choice experiments in non-market value analysis: some methodological issues

Dieter Koemle, Xiaohua Yu

This paper reviews the current literature on theoretical and methodological issues in discrete choice experiments, which have been widely used in non-market value…


Logit model application for valuating intangible benefits from the afforested areas

Girish Chandra, Avinash Jain, Sanjay Kumar

The estimation of market value of intangible benefits of afforestation has always been a challenging task, and the contingent valuation method is a popular method used in…

Impact of marketization process on China's forestry economic growth – based on the statistical yearbook data from 1978 to 2016

Dan Qiao, Shuifa Ke, Xiaoxiao Zhang, Qiya Feng

The paper aims to explore the impact of marketization on forestry economic growth. Firstly, the development process of forestry marketization was summarized. Secondly…

Forest depletion in Ghana: the empirical evidence and associated driver intensities

Anthony Amoah, Kofi Korle

This study seeks to provide a robust piece of evidence of forest depletion in Ghana and its associated driver intensities to inform national policy decisions towards…


Estimating economic benefits of urban conifers in terms of abatement of ultrafine dust (PM2.5)

Soo Min Shin, Song Soo Lim, Yongsung Cho

This study aimed to estimate the economic benefits of PM2.5 emission abatement by Red Pine, Pinus Koraiensis and Quercus, using a metering model analyzing the amount of…

Reforestation for environmental services as valued by local communities: a case study from Lebanon

Juliette Amidi, Jean Mikhael Stephan, Elias Maatouk

Lebanon has been subject to important reforestation activities which resulted in the establishment of several cedars, pine and other mixed forest stands on communal lands…

Valuing ecosystem services of Sundarbans mangrove forest for improved conservation: approach of randomized conjoint experiment

Md. Hafiz Iqbal

This study provides empirical evidence of the economic valuation of ecosystem services. It examines the willingness-to-pay (WTP) and compensating surplus (CS) in response…

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