Asian Journal of Economics and Banking: Volume 6 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Forecasting with Bayesian vector autoregressive models: comparison of direct and iterated multistep methods

Katsuhiro Sugita

The paper compares multi-period forecasting performances by direct and iterated method using Bayesian vector autoregressive (VAR) models.

The starring role of crowdfunding in GCC: a structured literature review

Mohammed Muneerali Thottoli

The purpose of this study is to understand and analyze the key topics on which scholars have engaged in relation to crowdfunding and its starring role in the Gulf…

Does credit risk persist in the Indian banking industry? Recent evidence

Anju Goswami

This study aims to capture the “persistence effect” of credit risk in Indian banking industry using the bank-level data spanning over the period of 19 years from 1998/1999…


Impact of migration on household consumption expenditures in Bangladesh using the coarsened exact matching (CEM) approach

Aktar Hossain, Mohammad Osman Gani

The study aims to examine the impact of migration on household consumption expenditures in Bangladesh.


Economic policy uncertainty, bank nonperforming loans and loan loss provisions: are they correlated?

Peterson K. Ozili

This paper examines the correlation of economic policy uncertainty (EPU) with nonperforming loans and loan loss provisions for 22 major developed countries over the…

Determinants of sovereign spreads in Sri Lanka: global factors and country-specific fundamentals

Nirukthi Prathiba Kariyawasam, Prabhath Jayasinghe

The study aims to analyze and compare the influence of country-specific fundamentals and global conditions on sovereign risk of Sri Lanka within the sample period of…

How bank capital structure decision-making change in recessions: Covid-19 evidence from Pakistan

Khalil Ullah Mohammad

This study contributes to existing literature by investigating bank capital structure dynamics during the Covid-19 pandemic. The role of contemporary bank-specific…


Inferences on location parameters based on independent multivariate skew normal distributions

Ziwei Ma, Tonghui Wang, Zheng Wei, Xiaonan Zhu

The purpose of this study is to extend the classical noncentral F-distribution under normal settings to noncentral closed skew F-distribution for dealing with independent…