Journal of Health Research: Volume 34 Issue 5 , Open Access


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Knowledge, attitude and practice of pesticide use and serum cholinesterase levels among rice farmers in Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand

Sapsatree Santaweesuk, Paisit Boonyakawee, Wattasit Siriwong

The study purposes were to investigate the knowledge, attitude and practice of pesticide use and to determine the levels of serum cholinesterase among rice farmers in…

The affecting factors of childbirth fear for pregnant women admitted to a health center and university hospital in Turkey

Didem Kaya, Funda Evcili

Fear of birth may cause perinatal complication, increased risk of intervention and need for analgesia, delayed mother–infant attachment process and deterioration of spouse…

Effect of infertility causes related to gender differences on Women's distress levels among patients utilizing a Turkish university hospital

Yeter Durgun Ozan, Mesude Duman

This study aimed to examine the effect of causes of infertility related to gender differences on the distress level of women who were treated for infertility.

The effects of yoga on breast-cancer-related lymphedema: a systematic review

Ausanee Wanchai, Jane M. Armer

Breast-cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL) is a negative condition that affects biopsychosocial aspects of patients treated with breast cancer. Yoga has been reported as one…


Sociodemographic differences affecting insufficient fruit and vegetable intake: a population-based household survey of Thai people

Sirinya Phulkerd, Sasinee Thapsuwan, Natjera Thongcharoenchupong, Rossarin Soottipong Gray, Aphichat Chamratrithirong

The sociodemographic determinants of insufficient fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption in the general population in Thailand remain understudied. The purpose of this study…

Prevention of gynecological cancers: the affecting factors and knowledge levels of Turkish women

Funda Evcili, Mine Bekar

Gynecological cancers are preventable and treatable diseases in case of early diagnosis. However, lack of knowledge is one of the factors preventing women from benefiting…

Addictive use of smartphone, depression and anxiety among female undergraduates in Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Olusola Ayandele, Olugbenga A Popoola, Tolulope O Oladiji

This study examined the prevalence and relationship between addictive use of smartphones and symptoms of depression and anxiety among female undergraduates.


The discounted money value of human lives lost due to COVID-19 in Spain

Joses Muthuri Kirigia, Rose Nabi Deborah Karimi Muthuri

To estimate the discounted money value of human lives lost (DMVHL) due to COVID-19 in Spain.