Journal of Health Research: Volume 34 Issue 4 , Open Access


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If kids ruled the world, how would they stop the non-medical use of prescription drugs?

Mirsada Serdarevic, Vicki Osborne, Amy Elliott, Catherine W Striley, Linda B Cottler

This study examined how youth would mitigate non-medical use of prescription medication among their peers.

Prevalence and characteristics of risk factors for non-communicable diseases in semi-urban communities: Nakhonsawan, Thailand

Juntima Nawamawat, Wipa Prasittichok, Thansinee Prompradit, Suwapich Chatchawanteerapong, Vipaporn Sittisart

The purpose of this research aimed to identify the risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and determine their prevalence and characteristics in a semi-urban…


Effectiveness of a Qigong program on sleep quality among community-dwelling older adults with mild to moderate depression: A randomized controlled trial

Phenphop Phansuea, Sookjaroen Tangwongchai, Thanapoom Rattananupong, Vitool Lohsoonthorn, Somrat Lertmaharit

The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a Qigong program on older adults in the Thai community suffering from mild to moderate depression.

Sleep loss among Thai high school students smartphone users affected by smartphone electromagnetic pollution: Time series study

Wanna Chongchitpaisan, Phongtape Wiwatanadate, Assawin Narkpongphun, Surat Tanprawate, Nipapon Siripon

Adolescents being in a stage of growth need good sleep, but, today, they suffer from sleep deprivation due to such extrinsic factor as a smartphone which they enjoy…


Predictors of patients' knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) regarding uncomplicated malaria in the primary healthcare facilities of Plateau state, Nigeria

Nanloh Samuel Jimam, Nahlah Elkudssiah Ismail

This study determined factors that influenced patients' knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) regarding uncomplicated malaria in primary healthcare (PHC) facilities of…


Women's birth beliefs and associated factors in an obstetrics clinic in the Southeastern Anatolian Region of Turkey

Figen Alp Yilmaz, Yeter Durgun Ozan

The impact of birth beliefs on pregnancy and delivery are universally recognized, but the factors that affect birth beliefs vary across regions depending on individual and…

Health service provision for disease control among prisoners: a conceptual note

Behnam Farhoudi, SeyedAhmad SeyedAlinaghi, Omid Dadras, Mehrzad Tashakoriyan, Mohammad Nazari Pouya, Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, Kate Dolan

The aim of present study was to integrate vital noncommunicable diseases (coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and mental health disorders) into…


The key success factors in focus group discussions with the elderly for novice researchers: a review

Kasorn Muijeen, Puangpaka Kongvattananon, Chomchuen Somprasert

This study aimed to discuss the key success factors in focus group discussions among the elderly as a means of supporting novice researchers and also to share the…


Public health challenges during the COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal: a commentary

Sharmistha Sharma, Jeevan Bhatta

The purpose of this paper is to depict the current scenario of coronavirus diseases 2019 (COVID-19) in Nepal, how the government is tackling this pandemic as well as look…