New England Journal of Entrepreneurship: Volume 8 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents - Special Issue: Measurement issues in entrepreneurship studies

Guest Editors: Jill Kickul, Norris Krueger, Sylvia Maxfield

Entrepreneurship research through databases: Measurement and design issues

Karl Wennberg

This article provides an account of how databases can be effectively used in entrepreneurship research. Improved quality and access to large secondary databases offer paths to…


Founding time and the growth of firms

G. R. Chandrashekhar, R. Srinivasan

This research recognizes the importance of the founding conditions of a firm. A new construct, Founding Time (FT) has been conceptualized, measured, and validated to represent one…


Developing and validating a construct of entrepreneurial intensity

Jianwen Liao, Patrick J. Murphy, Harold Welsch

In this article we define, validate, and propose a construct of entrepreneurial intensity, or the degree of entrepreneurship in firms. First, in defining the construct, we explore…


Measure for measure: Modeling entrepreneurial self-efficacy onto instrumental tasks within the new venture creation process

Jill Kickul, Robert S. D'Intino

We examine the various components of entrepreneurial self-efficacy within the entrepreneurship literature from a measurement perspective. Two published entrepreneurial…


Entrepreneurial hunger–shall we try chinese?

Joseph E. Levangie

Many entrepreneurs are able to manage their businesses within relatively contained and familiar geographical and cultural circles. With a world economy shrinking every day amid a…

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