New England Journal of Entrepreneurship: Volume 4 Issue 1 , Open Access


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Out on a limb - and thriving

Robert Seliger

NEJE interviews Robert Seliger, CEO of Sentillion

Revisiting Shapero: A taxonomy of entrepreneurial typologies

Truls Erikson

Entrepreneurs' cognitive and behavioral ability to align their behavior with entrepreneurial opportunities is the fundamental mechanism to entrepreneurial supply.


Cultural and Socioeconomic Determinants of Invention: A Multicountry, Multiperiod Analysis

Moshin Habib, Joseph Coombs

This article examines the influence of culture and socioeconomic variables on national invention.

Export planning and performance: An organizational culture perspective on small firms

Philip D. Olson>, Newell Gough

Sample results indicate that significant relationships exist between export planning values and practices, and between the planning practice of using advisors and export…


On the logic of business plan composition

Jeff Trailer, Chester Wolford

This article presents examples for improving the effectiveness of business plans by focusing on the logical structure of their composition.


Human Resource Management Issues as a Small Business Grows

Jack L. Howard

This article attempts to behin to assess the issues facing small businesses, and how human resource management can be integrated as a small business grows.


Who Moved My Cheese?

Matthew H. Roy

Matthew H. Roy reviews Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese?

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