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Good Stuff Cheap

Jerry Ellis

Gina Vega interviews Jerry Ellis, Founder and CEO, Building #19

New Product Development

Steve Kaye

NEJE Editors interview Steve Kaye, CEO of Steve Kaye New Products, Inc.


Transforming the Entrepreneurial Landscape: Emergent Innovative Behaviors in Internet Firms

Jill Kickul, Lisa K. Gundry

Implications for opportunity identification, alliance formation, and strategic orientation of Internet entrepreneurs are presented as preliminary steps toward a new…

The Digital Economy: A Golden Opportunity for Entrepreneurs?

Maheshkumar Joshi, Ira Yermish

Does the network economy strengthen brands, suppliers alliances, customer relationships, and the value of information-or does it obliterate them?


New and Small E-Commerce Ventures: The Importance of Legitimacy and Trust

Gregory B. Murphy, Dennis Smart

This article reviews literatures on legitimacy, trust, and e-commerce and integrates them to propose a model of strategies designed to enhance the perceived legitimacy and…


A Strategic Model of the Franchise Form of Business Organization

James B. Bronson, James W. Faircloth

In this article, a franchise model is proposed which integrates aspects of external growth with internally generated growth outcomes of lowered costs and differentiation.


Bed and Breakfast Homes: A Life of Leisure or a Stressful Encounter

Angela K. Miles, Darla J. Domke-Damonte

This qualitative study examines stressors and coping mechanisms in bed and breakfast (B&B) homes.


eBrands: Building an Internet Business at Breakneck Speed

John Callister

John Callister reviews Phil Carpenter's eBrands: Building an Internet Business at Breakneck Speed

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