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Classics in entrepreneurship research: Enduring insights, future promises

Vishal K. Gupta, Dev K. Dutta, Grace Guo, Golshan Javadian, Crystal Jiang, Arturo E. Osorio, Banu Ozkazanc-Pan

Academic inquiry into entrepreneurial phenomena has had a rich history over several decades and continues to evolve. This editorial draws attention to the classics: seminal…


The glass cage: The gender pay gap and self-employment in the United States

Leanna Lawter, Tuvana Rua, Jeanine Andreassi

Self-employment is often viewed as a more desirable work arrangement than working as an employee for a firm. Women are pushed into self-employment due to organizational factors…


An examination of job opportunities, candidates, and salaries in the field of entrepreneurship

Todd A. Finkle

This article examines whether the field of entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly institutionalized by examining market trends, AACSB jobs, and salaries. The findings indicate…


An Integrated Model of Employee Adoption

Nelson Pizarro

Proactive firms recognize that environmental and social issues are sources of competitive advantages, but whatever the motivation, organizations face challenges when implementing…


Entrepreneurship research in management and organizational studies: A contribution-based assessment of the literature

Vishal K. Gupta, Sajna Ibrahim, Grace Guo, Erik Markin

Entrepreneurship-related research in management and organizational journals has experienced rapid growth, particularly in the last several years. The purpose of this study is to…

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