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What℉s in it for me? Reciprocal exchanges between underwriters and venture capitalists

Douglas R. Miller, Tera L. Galloway, Dustin B. Smith

In this article, we examine the impact of repeat interactions between VCs and underwriters. Past research has suggested that such interactions build trust and may contribute to…


The impact of immigrant entrepreneurs℉ social capital related motivations

Claudia Gomez, B. Yasanthi Perera, Judith Y. Weisinger, David H. Tobey, Taylor Zinsmeister-Teeters

The immigrant entrepreneurship literature indicates that immigrant entrepreneurs reap numerous benefits from their co-ethnic communities℉ social capital. These benefits, however…


The differing impact of household income on firm emergence by heterogeneous start-up configuration

Enrique Nunez

Using the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics II dataset, we examine the role that household income plays in the emergence of consumer-oriented start-ups by individual (solo)…


Relational ties in emerging markets: What is their contribution to SME growth?

Natalya Totskaya

Prior studies argue that social capital is vital for firm growth. Adding to this line of research, this paper provides more evidence regarding the contribution of bonding and…


Entrepreneurial behavior during industry emergence: An unconventional study of discovery and creation in the early PC industry

Alka Gupta, Christoph Streb, Vishal K. Gupta, Erik Markin

Acting entrepreneurially in nascent industries is a complex endeavor characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity. Nevertheless, entirely new industries do emerge, often as a direct…

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