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How a Plane Crash Changed My Life

Ted Leonsis, Miles K. Davis

In 1983 Ted Leonsis survived a crash landing of a plane he was on.This fateful event proved to be a pivotal point in his life. One of the byproducts of that near-death experiences…


Ethical compliance behavior in small and young firms: The role of employee identification with the firm

Susan Houghton, Mark Simon

We explored whether employees in smaller, younger firms would be more ethically compromised, and whether employee identification moderates this relationship.We collected survey…


Mentoring and perpetuating the entrepreneurial spirit within family business by telling contingent stories

Rob Smith

Family businesses do not perpetuate themselves. Entrepreneurs must nurture and propagate the values that led to the creation of the very thing most precious to them‐their…


Strategic marketing practice considerations in family business in nigeria

Omotayo Adegbuyi

The purpose of this study is to fill a gap in the literature by examining a medium-sized firm. Most modern economies are characterized by a significant group of middle-sized…


Developing an entrepreneurial education in a residential college: An exploratory case study

James McAlexander, Rachel Nelson, Chris Bates

Entrepreneurship is a source of innovation, job creation, and vibrancy for local and regional economies. As a direct result, there is a profound interest in creating an…


Mason biodiesel: A family℉s new venture in a new industry

Matthew Eriksen, George H. Tompson

This case describes a real family that has been running a labor-intensive business since 1992. The father, Phil Mason, runs the business with the help of his wife and two of his…

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