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Integrity and values

Dr. Jim Sinegal

In describing his success, Sinegal attributes it to “just good business practices.” And while he was born into a Catholic family and supports Catholic causes, he does not…


Separated at birth: An inquiry on the conceptual independence of the entrepreneurship and the leadership constructs

Richard C. Becherer, Mark E. Mendenhall, Karen Ford Eickhoff

Entrepreneurship and leadership may flow from the same genealogical source and the appearance of separation of the two constructs may be due to differences in the contexts through…


Are you an innovator or adaptor? the impact of cognitive propensity on venture expectations and outcomes

Kevin LaMont Johnson, Wade M. Danis, Marc J. Dollinger

In this study we confirm the often assumed but largely untested belief that entrepreneurs think and behave differently than others. We examine a group of more than 700 nascent…


The influence of family business size on management activities, styles and characteristics

Matthew C. Sonfield, Robert N. Lussier

This is an empirical study of family firm size, as measured by the number of employees, and the relationship of a firmʼs size to a variety of management activities, styles, and…


TransLighting group, inc. a small town, family business

Jeff Lowenthal

TransLighting Group, Inc. consists of two companies all centered around the transportation industry. The original company, TransLighting, was started in 1962 by Henry Phillips…

Growing pains

Michele K. Masterfano

Book review by Michele K. Masterfano. Flamholtz, Eric G. and Yvonne Randle. Growing Pains: Transitioning from an Entrepreneurship to a Professionally Managed Firm. San Francisco…

Entrepreneurship as social change

Lori Wagner Snyder

Book review by Lori Wagner Snyder. Steyaert, Chris and Daniel Hjorth, eds. Entrepreneurship as Social Change. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006…


The oxford handbook of entrepreneurship

William H.A. Johnson

Book review by William H. A. Johnson. Casson, Mark et al., eds. The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship, New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2006. ISBN 9780199288984

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