RAUSP Management Journal: Volume 56 Issue 3 , Open Access


Table of contents - Special Issue: Disruptive social marketing dystopia, disconnection & disruption

Guest Editors: Carlos Oliveira Santos, Hamilton Coimbra Carvalho, José Afonso Mazzon, Otavio Bandeira De Lamônica Freire

Social marketing: advancing a new planning framework to guide programmes

M. Bilal Akbar, Lawrence B. Ndupu, Jeff French, Alison Lawson

This paper aims to develop and present a new planning framework of social marketing, known as consumer research, segmentation, design of the social programme, implementation…


The prevalence of emotional and rational tone in social advertising appeals

Beatriz Casais, Aline Costa Pereira

This paper aims to analyse the prevalence of emotional and rational appeals in social advertising campaigns. There are studies about the effectiveness of these tones of appeals in…


The case for social support in social marketing

Nuno Baptista, Helena Alves, José Pinho

This paper aims to reinforce the arguments for applying the social support concept in social marketing.


Social marketing for museums: an introduction to social marketing for the arts and culture sector

Flavia I. Gonsales

The paper aims to introduce social marketing (SM) as a tool to overcome the low cultural participation, a problem of the arts and culture sector that has worsened in the…


Disrupting social marketing through a practice-oriented approach

Fiona Spotswood, Gareth Wiltshire, Sara Spear, Angela Makris

This paper aims to explore four disruptions that practice theory makes to traditional social marketing approaches to school physical activity (PA) intervention.


From social marketing and service-dominant logic to engagement in mindfulness practice: a field experiment

Carolina Pantuza Vilar dos Santos, Evandro Luiz Lopes, Julia Costa Dias, André Gustavo Pereira de Andrade, Celso Augusto Matos, Ricardo Teixeira Veiga

Based on the assumption of the service-dominant logic (S-D logic) that every exchange is service-for-service and on the relevance of the beneficiary’s role in the co-creation of…


Entrepreneurship in social: Brazilian university students toward a career with purpose

Márcia Maria Garçon, Vania Maria Jorge Nassif

Social entrepreneurship (SE) presents specificities that the entrepreneur must address. Entrepreneurial intention (EI) and entrepreneurial orientation (EO) in SE should reflect…