Public Administration and Policy: An Asia-Pacific Journal: Volume 24 Issue 3 , Open Access


Table of contents

The National Security Law: political and social effects on the governance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Siu-kai Lau

The purpose of this paper is to identify the major political and social effects of the Hong Kong National Security Law on Hong Kong. It is argued that the enactment of…

Upholding parental responsibility by family mediation: revisiting the role of the law for children in divorce in Hong Kong

Sau-wai Law

This paper aims to analyse the different requirements of Practice Direction 15.10 (which governs the process of family mediation in Hong Kong) and Practice Direction 31…

The Guangdong-Hong Kong nexus in grassroots collective actions amid Sino-Anglo interface, 1841 to 1927

Kent Wan

This paper provides an analytical account detailing the historical linkages between Chinese on both sides of the Sino-Hong Kong border from 1841 onwards and examining…

How to select good leaders in Asian countries: the case of China and Singapore

Franky K.H. Choi

The purpose of this paper is to bring out the possibility of selecting good leaders in Asian countries, i.e., China and Singapore.

A study of the effect of wearing face masks in preventing COVID-19 transmission in the United States of America

Kazuyuki Suzuki, Tomonori Hasegawa, Noriaki Kano, Yoshihisa Okamoto

The purpose of this paper is to intelligibly demonstrate the effectiveness of face mask wearing as a means to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Through understanding the…

The global economic cost of coronavirus pandemic: current and future implications

Mian M. Ajmal, Mehmood Khan, Muhammad Kashif Shad

The global economy is plagued by an unprecedented shock that has devastated economic growth under the coronavirus pandemic. The prolonged movement control orders, social…

Impact of an economic revitalization programme on export and employment generation: a case study of One District One Product Programme in Uttar Pradesh, India

Aditya P. Tripathi, Noopur Agrawal

The aim of this paper is to discuss the role of the economic revitalization programme, One District One Product (ODOP) implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh of India…

Quality healthcare services under National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana: perspectives from health policy implementers and beneficiaries

Daniel Dramani Kipo-Sunyehzi

This paper aims to examine the factors that affect the quality of healthcare services in the implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) at the local…