Public Administration and Policy: An Asia-Pacific Journal: Volume 24 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents - Special Issue: Regulatory Governance in a Globalizing World

Managing higher education for a changing regulatory environment

Colin Scott

This article addresses the relationship of universities to their changing regulatory environments internationally.

Regulating corporate social responsibility practices of adopting codes of conduct through criminal law

Lilach Litor

This paper explores different approaches to regulating corporate social responsibility (CSR) patterns of adopting codes of conduct, and discusses the approach that courts…

The four pillars for the preservation of the regulatory agencies’ technical impartiality in Brazil

Valter Shuenquener de Araújo

The purpose of this paper is to debate on how to achieve, in countries that have invested in the North American model of the regulatory state, the greatest efficiency in…

Electoral corruption unfolded by Operation Car Wash and political rights in Brazil

Michael Freitas Mohallem

This article aims to advance the literature on the effects of corruption and its relationship to human rights violations. The article also presents an overview of existing…

Public-Private Partnerships in transport: a critical assessment of the Caribbean

Laura Panadès-Estruch

This article critically analyses the extent to which selected Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) transportation projects in the Caribbean subregion embrace good practices…

An analysis of China’s strategy in combating the coronavirus pandemic with the 3H framework

Eddie Yu

This paper attempts to theorise about China’s strategy in combating the coronavirus pandemic with an embryonic framework - 3H (Heart-Head-Hand) framework. By adopting a…

An analysis of Indonesian government policies against COVID-19

Ali Roziqin, Syasya Y.F. Mas’udi, Iradhad T. Sihidi

COVID-19 cases in Indonesia continue to increase and spread. This article aims to analyse the Indonesian government policies as a response in dealing with COVID-19.