Public Administration and Policy: An Asia-Pacific Journal: Volume 21 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

The measuring and monitoring of human trafficking

Raymond Saner, Lichia Yiu, Laurel Rush

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the difficulty of measuring and monitoring of human trafficking within the context of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable…


How to establish a good government? Lessons from Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore and Deng Xiaoping in China

Franky K.H. Choi

Outside the US and Europe, to establish a good government requires more than Western-style democracy. Adopting universal suffrage fully from the Western model is no longer…


Waiting time in public hospitals: case study of total joint replacement in Hong Kong

Yee-man Tsui, Ben Y.F. Fong

The purpose of this paper is to review the causes of long waiting time in Hong Kong public hospitals and to suggest solutions in the service, organisational, systems…


Emerging dynamics of workplace stress of employees in a large organization in Hong Kong

Adrian Low, Rollin McCraty

Research on workplace stress measurements varied without much accuracy and effectiveness. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new quantitative assessment tool…


A case study of the critical success factors for organizational change of a public listed corporation: Hong Kong Broadband Network

Earnest Li

The purpose of this paper is to explain how an organization can achieve successful change implementation with Kotter’s eight-step organizational change model and 3-H…