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The construction of consumer dynamic trust in cross-border online shopping – qualitative research based on Tmall Global, JD Worldwide and NetEase Koala

Xuhui Wang, Bo Zhao, Jiaqi Chen

As Chinese imported cross-border e-commerce has entered a stage of rapid development, the problem of consumer shopping risk is increasingly prominent and the crisis of…

Family identity construction: an interpretation of the Lunar New Year's Eve dinner consumption ritual

Haibo Xue, Xin Zhao, Pokachev Nikolay, Jiayi Qin

Family dinner on Lunar New Year's Eve is the most important and most ritualized feast for families in China. It is the time for the entire family to reunite. Families…

A study to explore the impact of entrepreneur’s nonequilibrium of moral behavior on entrepreneur’s image evaluation

Jing Huang, Ruoyu Yu, Shengxiong Wen, Zelin Tong, Nan Zhou

It is unattainable that entrepreneurs engage equivalent resources in public and private morality because of the limitation of resources. This study aims to conduct…

Instagram celebrities and positive user responses. The mediating role of user “like”

Arash Ahmadi, Shahab Fakhimi, Yavar Ahmadi

The objective of this paper is to compare the effects of two types of celebrities (Instagram celebrity vs. traditional celebrity) on users' willingness to look for product…


Reassessing research on marketing channel strategies in the internet era: opportunities, challenges, and responses

Yi Liu, Hengyuan Zhang

Chinese marketing scholars have been studying marketing channel strategies for the past 20 years. However, the emergence of the internet and the digital economy has led to…

Intention to adopt mobile-based online payment platforms in three Asian countries: an application of the extended Technology Acceptance Model

Abdullah Ibrahim Jawad, Tania Parvin, Md Sajjad Hosain

The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of selected factors in adopting mobile-based online payment platforms (MOPP) in three Asian countries: China, India and…

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