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Do consumers always prefer coupons with a large discount? A meta-analysis

Nan Cui, Yu Xiao, Yujiao Hu, Lan Xu, Yi Hu

The aim of this research is to quantitatively synthesize empirical findings of the effect of discount level on consumer response to the coupon.

Does a transparent umbrella make you longing for a humorous movie? The influence of transparency on decision-making

Jiangang Du, Danhui Li, Yuxuan Zhao, Mengya Yang

The purpose of this paper is to examine the influence of transparency on consumers' judgment and decision-making.

Polarizing influence of power distance on country of origin effect

Xiaoyu Wang, Chenhong Ding

Country of origin (COO) effect refers to the influence of COO on consumers' perception and evaluation of a product. This research explores the impact of consumers' power…

Is precise description in advertising always better than vague ones? – From an accessibility-diagnosability theoretical perspective

Minxue Huang, Xiu Hu, Shiyong Zheng

There is always a matching effect in advertising persuasion – the information that matches product characteristics or target consumer characteristics is considered to be…


Image congruence and visual object structure of anthropomorphic advertisement-eye movement research based on self-construct

Wei Li, Yushi Jiang, Miao Miao, Qing Yan, Fan He

Enterprises often use anthropomorphic images to display products. In this study, by discussing the differences of the anthropomorphic images of juxtaposition and fusion…

An empirical investigation on the impact of marketing strategy style on firm performance: evidence from public firms in China

Rui Wang, Liqiong Liu, Yu Feng

The mechanism of marketing strategy style and its impact on firms are research issues received wide attention. In particular, the aggressive style of marketing strategy…

Research on the impact of online picture contents of agricultural products on consumers' willingness to click

Wenhui Tian, Yanjun Li, Linzhu Li

The paper aims to clarify the influence of different picture contents on consumer's willingness to click pictures when shopping for agricultural products online and…

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