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Employee proactivity, work engagement, job resources and service recovery performance: a study of structural linkages

Adil Zahoor

This study explores the driver influence of employee proactive personality on service recovery performance with work engagement as mediator. The moderating role of job…

Diffusion simulation of innovative products based on Lotka-Volterra

Chunfa Li, Shengkai Wang, Jianqiang Tao

In view of the particularity of innovative product diffusion under the background of market competition, this paper firstly uses consumer behavior theory to logically…

More or less? The effects of financial constraints on variety-seeking behavior

Yafeng Fan, Jing Jiang, Zuohao Hu

In daily life, consumers usually experience economic limitations on their consumption, which in turn results in experiencing financial constraints. The purpose of this…

Buy or not: how the presence of others affects the occurrence of consumers' impulsive buying behavior

Yanzhi Wang, Hongliang Lu, Dahai Wang

The topic of impulsive buying has been studied by researchers for nearly 70 years and made a large number of valuable discoveries. However, most of the existing research…


Cash on delivery or online payment: mobile channel, order size and payment methods

Banggang Wu, Xiaoyu Deng, Xuebin Cui

The existing research does not systematically explore customers' option about different payment methods, nor does it analyze how shopping channels and shopping scale…

Social facilitation or social loafing – threshold effect of group size on customer's complaint intention

Xing'an Xu, Lilei Wang, Luqi Wang

The purpose of this paper is to examine the threshold effect of group size on customer's complaining intention under group service failures.

The effect of temporal landmarks on positive illusions and consumer preference for new products with functional risks

Ziqi Shang, Jun Pang, Xiaomei Liu

The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of temporal landmarks on positive illusions and the downstream implications of this effect on consumer preference for…

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