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Flow effect and resonance effect: group emotional contagion in service failure encounters

Jiangang Du, Mengya Yang, Jianhua Liu

The purpose of this paper is to explore the two effects (flow effect and resonance effect) during a group complaint based on the emotional contagion theory.

Hungry people cannot take care of their future: impact of hunger on intertemporal choice

Wei Lu, Yuwei Zhou, Li Sunny Pan, Yuhao Zhao

People often need to make intertemporal choices in their daily life, such as savings and spending, but their decisions are not always entirely rational. The purpose of…

The business model of Chinese movies: Learning from the US motion picture industry based on new product diffusion

Man Chen, Xiaomin Han, Xinguo Zhang, Feng Wang

The motion picture industry is a cultural and creative industry. Unlike its US counterpart, the Chinese motion picture industry is still developing. Therefore, learning…

The neighborhood effect of online reviews: Impact of neighbor stores’ review on the review of central stores

Dong Liang, Xia Wang

Online reviews have been indicated to play an important role in consumers’ decision-making process, as supported by numerous studies. However, none of them has considered…

Partner or servant: How anthropomorphized brand role releases the negative effect of social exclusion

Yinghao Wu, Jing Jiang

The purpose of this paper is to take the perspective of repairing the negative effect of social exclusion, discussing how anthropomorphized brand role (partner vs servant…

Interaction orientation based on value co-creation theory: scale development and validation

Hongyan Yu, Rong Liu, Daowu Zheng

With the rapid development of information technologies and the internet, firms have increasingly focussed on customer interactions to realise value co-creation. Previous…

The impact of the matching of innovative product category and presentation order on consumer’s purchasing intention

Meng Lu, Yang Qiang, Du Jiangang, Dong Zerui

The purpose of this paper is to examine the interaction effect of innovative product category and presentation order on consumer consumer’s purchasing intention and the…

Executive marketing background, corporate trademark and brand management

Chao Chen, Rongxi Luo

With many years’ economic transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China,” the State Council has set May 10th as annual “China’s Brand Day” from 2017. This…

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