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Seeking similarity or reserving differences: How face facilitate or restrict consumer’s need for uniqueness

Changzheng Wang, Xuechun Zhou, Minxue Huang

Chinese face refers to reputation, others’ respect or compliance which is gained through self-representation and role-playing. The purpose of this paper is to identify and…

Hedonic or utilitarian: The influences of product type and reward type on consumer referral likelihood

Yimin Zhu, Peipei Lin

The purpose of this paper is to explore how the product type (hedonic product and utilitarian product) and reward type (hedonic gift and utilitarian gift) influence…


Effect of product type and time pressure on consumers’ online impulse buying intention

Zhanbo Zhao, Xiaomeng Du, Fan Liang, Xiaoming Zhu

Impulse buying has been the focus of attention in the marketing. With the rise of online shopping, online impulse buying phenomenon becomes increasingly serious. Whereas…


You touched it and I’m relieved! The effect of online review’s tactile cues on consumer’s purchase intention

Jing Huang, Yulang Guo, Cheng Wang, Lei Yan

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of online review’s tactile cues in consumer’s purchase intention, given the absence of direct experience in online shopping.

How does Weibo keep users hooked? A Weibo addictive behavior study based on netnography

Heping He, Yanni Liu, Zhimin Zhou

With the rapid development of social media in the past few years, some dark aspects of usage have appeared, e.g., Weibo addiction. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is…

A study on the relationship among customer behavior stickiness, motivation of shopping and customer value in the online shopping

Dong Xiaozhou

The purpose of this paper is to initially use a stochastic model to fit data of customer behavior stickiness and customer value, then estimate the corresponding parameters…

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