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How do consumers from developed regions evaluate global brands from emerging countries? An investigation from the perspective of global–local identity

Xiaoling Guo, Ying-yi Hong

While an increasing number of global brands are of emerging country origin, research about emerging global brands remains scare. The purpose of this paper is to provide…

Effects of brand alliance on brand equity

Baolong Ma, Feiyan Cheng, Jingjing Bu, Jiefan Jiang

Although brand alliance has become quite ubiquitous in the marketplace and attracted considerable interest amongst researchers, little research has investigated its…

Research on the relationship of the weaker enterprises post-merger brand strategy and consumers’ purchase intention: Based on the brand authenticity

Peng Yao, Xinxin Wang

Nowadays, many weak brands have acquired strong international brands to accelerate their internationalization. However, “the weakers acquire the strongers” model of M&A…

Discounts or gifts? Not just to save money: A study on neural mechanism from the perspective of fuzzy decision

Yanping Gong, Wei Hou, Qin Zhang, Shuang Tian

Decision theory holds that the ambiguity of decision information affects the choices of decision makers, who have the emotion of “ambiguity aversion” when making fuzzy…

Digging deep? Digging more? A research on the influence of corporate CSR theme consistency strategy

Yang Zhang, Xuhui Wang, Yingying Shen

As the focal point of both academic studies and business practices, the theme strategy of corporate social responsibility (CSR) arouses wide attention. However, extant…

Pictorial effect in product layout: How does the layout orderliness influence the consumer’s product evaluation, mechanism and condition

Weiling Ye, Rong Huang, Zijing Zhang

Commodity display is an important cue for consumers’ prediction of the goods they purchase. Then why does a neat display (compared to a messy one) usually result in better…

How face consciousness reverse pro-self-behavior? A study on ecological consumption from the perspective of social value orientation

Zhuomin Shi, Lufang Wu, Zaoying Kuang

The purpose of this paper is to focus on ecological consumption and test the effect of social value orientation on ecological consumption. What is more, this paper…

Are benefits of others important? The interaction effect of moral identity and construal level on green consumption

Bo Wu, Dongjin Li, Chubing Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to examine the interaction effect of moral identity and construal level on consumer green consumption and the mediating role of…

The evolution of urban wedding consumption in China since 1970s

Guoqun Fu, Yang Li, Xianzheng Fei

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the evolution of wedding-related consumption of urban families in China during the past 50 years.

How to move away from using symmetric tests, net effects, and p<0.05: Overcoming barriers to good science practices

Arch George Woodside

The purpose of this paper is to describe how and why to shift away from bad science practices now dominant in research in marketing to good science practices.

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