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Research on the threshold of symbiosis between finance and real economy – empirical test based on banking panel threshold model

Conglai Fan, Xinlei Cai, Jian Lin

Starting from the theoretical mechanism of profit sharing between finance and the real economy, this paper reviews and analyzes the profitability of China's banking…

Exploring the sinicization of Marx's social capital reproduction theory: review and reflection

Xian Zhang

Karl Marx's social capital reproduction theory is his significant contribution to economics. The purpose of this paper is to review the contributions of the exploration of…

Critical examination and source-tracing in China of economic thought of Francois Quesnay from the perspective of the construction of socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics

Xu Zhang, Tianjiao Wang

Francois Quesnay, known as the “Confucius of Europe”, was profoundly influenced by traditional Chinese culture to form his thoughts, which contained strong Chinese…

A new solution to the “difficult problem” of the object of study of political economy

Jiguo Yang, Renshu Yuan

As there are different interpretations of the object of study in the preface to the first edition of Capital (Volume I) by Karl Marx, disagreements arise over the object…

Understanding the China miracle from the paradigm of realm economics

Xiaodong Chen

The core of the micro–macro paradigm of mainstream Western economics is the assumption that a rational economic man with complete freedom of economic behaviors living in a…

Reflections on neo-Kaleckian growth regimes: a Marxian reproduction perspective

Feng Zhao, Jiahe Tian, Yuchen Duan

The neo-Kaleckian model follows the ideas of Marx, Keynes and Kalecki, that investment is a key influencing factor in the dynamics of the capitalist mode of production…

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