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Socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics in a new era

Yinxing Hong

The socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics reflects the characteristics of ushering into a new era, and the research object thereof shifts to productive…


Scientific understanding of the fundamentals of China's economic development

Taiyan Huang

The purpose of this paper is based on China’s economic fundamentals. Factor input, structural optimization and institutional reform, which determine the fundamentals of…


The integration between and common prosperity of government and market: China's experience of economic development

Leming Hu

The relationship between government and market is the key to the economic development performance of market economy countries. Due to the limits such as the state/market…


Institution-monopoly rent and competition amongst China's local governments: a Marxist analytical framework

Jie Meng, Fenghua Wu

As a crucial institutional form established since the Chinese economic reform, the system of competitive local governments has been shaping the characteristics of China's…

Great significance of innovative research on capital for building socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics

Haiping Qiu

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that to uphold and develop socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics, the authors should be guided by Marxist…

The Internet reshapes China's economic geography: micromechanisms and macro effects

Chen Yang, Tongliang An

By observing facts of the “reversal of agglomeration” of Chinese enterprises during the period of rapid Internet development and using a new economic geography model…

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