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70 years of China's foreign exchange market development: history and experience

Guogang Wang, Nan Lin

The development of China's foreign exchange market and the reform of Chinese yuan (hereinafter “CNY”) exchange rate are closely linked with each other. Their respective…


Structural changes and economic growth in China over the past 40 years of reform and opening-up

Xiahui Liu

During the process of reform and opening-up, the structural transformations of the Chinese economy have two significant leaps forward and demonstrate a process of “rural…


The coordination and balance of economic structure is a major theoretical innovation of socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics in the new era

Di Xie, Xiao Kong

The proportional distribution of social labor is a general law governing human social and economic activities, also a law discovered by Marxist political economy that…

Analysis of the characteristics of connotation evolution of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics in the 70 years since the founding of New China

Yongmu Jiang, Lu Yang, Zhang Xiaolei

With the development of social productive forces and the advancement of agricultural practices since the founding of New China, the connotation of agricultural…

Political economy analysis of the properties of doctors' labour and medicines

Fengyi Liu, Shenghui Chen

Doctors' labour and medicines are special necessities for human survival and evolution. Since China launched the healthcare reform, the theoretical circles' discussions…

Supply-side structural reforms from the perspective of global production networks – based on the theoretical logic and empirical evidence of political economy

Fusheng Xie, Ling Gao, Peiyu Xie

This paper examines the different features of China's economic development in different stages of economic globalization. The study finds that the investment- and…

Productivity, public capital, and socialism with Chinese characteristics – A critique of the doctrine of incompatibility between capital and public ownership

Zhaozi Rong

This paper is a response to the doctrine that capital is incompatible with public ownership. The fundamental characteristics of modern productivity determine the…

A political–economic explanation of “internet space”

Yan Ma, Cai Minqiang, Li Yun

The purpose of this paper is to define the Internet as a virtual space supported by technologies and presented in the form of socioeconomic relations from the perspective…

An answer from Marxist economics to Weber's hypothesis about China: a concurrent discussion of the direction of rural reform in China

Jiguo Yang

Weber's hypothesis about China is the hypothesis forwarded by Weber that why capitalist production did not appear in eastern countries such as China in the first place…

Land contributions to the supernormal development of infrastructure in China

Ge Yang, Shutian Cen

Over the past 20 years, China's infrastructure has developed at an extraordinary speed. The current literature mainly focuses on the effects of political incentives on the…

Interest articulation, social stability and public governance

Lin Gui, Zhendong Yin, Huihua Nie

The stability maintenance system has played an essential role in maintaining social stability although it also has brought about social problems worthy of attention…


How the land system with Chinese characteristics affects China's economic growth – an analysis based on a multisector dynamic general equilibrium framework

Kai Liu

What is the relation between the land system with Chinese characteristics and the country's high-speed economic growth in the past decades? There is a lack of rigorous…

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