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Marx’s monetary theory and its practical value

Guogang Wang

Marx’s monetary theory is an important part of Marxist economics and an irreplaceable milestone in the intellectual history of the monetary theory. The purpose of this…


State-owned enterprises in China: their reform process, performance efficiency and future road

Qunhui Huang, Yu Jing

In the 40 years of reform and opening-up toward a more rational micro-economic structure, the proportion of output of state-owned enterprises shows a declining trend. Over…


Retrospect and prospect: development of China’s economics in the past 70 years

Jinchuan Shi, Ye Jianliang

In the past 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China’s economic studies have been constantly centered on major issues such as national…

The fluctuations of China’s economic growth since the reform and opening up and the rational countermeasures

Xinhua Jian, Jiang Yu

The purpose of this paper is to review the four large and two small fluctuations in China’s economic growth since the reform and opening up, which can be further divided…


A reflection on borrowing from western economics

Fuqian Fang

Western economics came into being with the rise of the capitalist market economy. It had a nature of duality beginning from its birth: the justificativeness of providing…


Construction of China’s financial conditions index in the post-crisis era

Nan Li, Liu Yuanchun

The purpose of this paper is to summarize different methods of constructing the financial conditions index (FCI) and analyze current studies on constructing FCI for China…

Differentiation of economic and financial cycles and the logic of China’s monetary policy reform

Conglai Fan, Gao Jiechao

In recent years, with the gradual differentiation of economic and financial cycles, it has been increasingly difficult for monetary policies to remain balanced in…

Measurement of the real urbanization level in China and its international comparison

Jiming Cai, Du Guonan, Liu Yuan

The purpose of this paper is to estimate the real urbanization level in China so as to provide a measurement that can be compared with the international level.


Logical system of development economics of large countries

Yao Ouyang

The development economics of large countries is a subject that studies how large developing countries evolve into developed countries through industrialization and…

Local government debt and regional economic growth in China

Shiyi Chen, Wang Li

With China’s economic growth slowing down and the growth rate of fiscal revenue decreasing, the pressure on local government debts is further increasing. Under this…


An empirical study on the returns to scale of supply structure in China’s economic growth: 1993–2015

Baoping Ren, Wei Jie

Constant or decreasing returns and increasing returns to scale are two kinds of mechanism in economic growth. The goal of supply-side structural reform is to promote the…


Supply-side structural reform from the perspective of political economy

Min Fang

Deepening supply-side structural reform is the main objective of the economic work since the Chinese economy entered a new stage of development. By adopting the…

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